New Material??

Have you ever attended a “live” continuing education course which presented the same material as LAST cycle?

The State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation approves construction continuing education courses through their Construction Industry Licensing Board.  Those courses get approved for a three (3) year period of time.  This means that you will have some providers presenting the identical material, for at least TWO cycles. If they “renew” the course (which is a process that does NOT need to go before the Board) … then … it will be valid for six (6) years and you are likely to see the same material for three (3) cycles.

Who likes to see the same course three times within six years?


We are NEVER going to do this in our “live” classes!  We are always striving to “test” new material in our “live courses” and constantly using it as a forum to develop solid material for our “online” course.  We plan to update our “online” program during the end of the 2017 renewal period!  But NONE of our current “live” continuing education classes are the same as what we had 2 years ago. And in two years from now, nothing will be the same then, either!

We work hard to make continuing education an “EXPERIENCE”.  It’s not a class!  It is an “EXPERIENCE”!

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