What about Qualifying a Business?

This year, we have shown several contractors in our continuing education courses, that the rules for qualifying business vary depending on who licensed you.

State CILB licensees are able to qualify two, or maybe even three businesses.

If you have a GC license, plus a roofing and a mechanical license, and each operate under a separate business name, then, you are surely going to be able to meet the muster of the board’s scrutiny.

But if you have a roofing license, and your pal from the next county wants to have you set him up and qualify his business … it may be possible, but the board will be very particular about letting you do that!  They are supposed to protect the public.  What will your supervisory limits be?

How about if you are licensed by a county?  Can you qualify two businesses then?  Miami Dade says NO!  Only one!  You would need to combine all your services into one business entity!

Hope this and more shows you how simple, yet complicated some rules and laws can be.  At our construction continuing education courses we make learning FUN and engaging!

We are all about one thing!  Helping make you MORE successful!  See you in a class soon!