To our unsolicited voicemail testimonial from a long-time licensed Florida contractor.
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Florida Contractors
This is the best 14-hour course in Florida!
Title: How To Wreck Your Business
See?  Already got your attention!
Florida Contractors
8 Hour Course
Miami-Dade Supplemental
2 Hour Course- All Miami Dade Licensees must enroll in our 14-hour course PLUS this 2-hour supplement
Broward County Contractors
4 Hour Course
Broward County Supplemental
1 Hour Course - All State Registered licensees must enroll in our 14-hour course PLUS this 1-hour supplement
pool img
Pool Electrical Supplemental
1 Hour Course
Albama Flag
Alabama Contractors
This Alabama 6-Hour Home Builders Course has been approved by the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board. (includes 2-hr AL specific)
How To Avoid Major Fines From ICE (ICE-2-Hour)
This is a fun 2 hour presentation that explains how easy it is for any employer to receive high fines from ICE.
Keeping Proper Injury/Illness Records (Records-2-Hour)
This course shows how employers must keep records of injuries and illnesses, as required to OSHA.
How To Prepare For OSHA Inspections (Inspection-2-Hour)
This course helps every employer learn how to prepare for OSHA inspections.