Terms and Conditions

Contractors ETC actively seeks to create an online learning environment that maximizes the success of those who use our instructional materials. We FULLY guarantee ALL you need to pass this course. We guarantee this in the easiest, yet most educational manner, we know to be possible. You CANNOT fail this course. Although we strive to present the best course possible and make every effort to create interest and share knowledge in a way that will capture and maintain your attention, our primary motive is rather to prompt you to develop a stronger will and initiative, to both understand and comply with the legal duties, responsibilities and requirements. Our course material is not designed, nor required, nor intended to provide legal advice, but rather introduce you to specific Florida Statutes, laws and regulations that are relevant to your everyday construction business operation. This online program contains many condensed or abbreviated statutes for easier understanding: however, in no case shall any course material be a guide upon which you should rely for legal counsel. As for advice, Contractors ETC advises you to hire a good attorney and hire other qualify professionals to guide you through your singularly specific situations – only use the information you obtain in this program for inspiration to seek ways to do a better job of being in compliance with the law and to run a more efficient construction company. Considering all that we have made available to you in this online course, and how the program has been created, structured and made available, registration fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. Replacement certificates are available with a $25 charge. Courses must be completed in a maximum of 4 month’s time.