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Contractors Education and Training Corporation was co-founded in 2009 by a contractor who was TIRED of taking continuing education courses that were irrelevant!

Think about your previous experiences. Did you almost die of boredom? Did the instructors offend you by ARGUING, SHOUTING or maybe just LECTURING their way to the 14 hour mark?

Created by a licensed contractor who has had those experiences, and presented by an award winning speaker, we at Contractors Education and Training Corporation present to you, the BEST premium styled course you will find anywhere in Florida, and at budget pricing with convenient locations.

Our courses are based on knowledge from a 30+ year construction background in Florida. PLUS they are NOT boring like your last providers’ were!

Ours is an “EXPERIENCE” you’ll remember!

Ours is a discussion that you will participate in for the day!

Ours is a ONE DAY class format, that keeps you engaged, involved and amused! We make construction continuing education interesting! Thousands have ranked us as the “BEST” they’ve ever had!

Register with us and you’ll not be disappointed!


As continuing education providers, we are in the loop when it comes to news from the state about our industry.


Since Hurricane Isaac has caused some hardship for many in our state, the DBPR has informed us that the deadline for renewals for certified contractors has been extended to September 15, 2012.

Since Hurricane Isaac has caused some hardship for many in our state, the DBPR has informed us that the deadline for renewals for certified contractors has been extended to September 15, 2012.

Contractors Education and Training Corporation is about helping your construction business be MORE successful!

What’s better? Being paid $100 per hour for 6 hours – or $50 per half hour for 360 minutes?

No difference, right?

Well, what’s better? Using leveling jacks with swivel base plates – or hunting for some plywood, a block and a piece of scrap 2×4 to prop up your scaffold leg?

Why do people do that? I was at a jobsite yesterday and I saw that very thing. For the cost of $80 the contractor could have provided his employee with proper base plates that can be adjusted to properly support that scaffold, but instead, the employee spent time hunting for scrap pieces of lumber to “jack” up his scaffold – which, by the way, is in serious violation of OSHA regulations, exposing the contractor to the possibility of a citation, plus fines – not to mention the risk of a major catastrophe with the scaffold shifting, and then the entire thing tipping like a falling tree!
Often times it takes LESS effort to comply than to “rig” something and expose yourself to all that risk.

Guys! Build your scaffolding correctly.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is about making your construction company MORE successful.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation also offers “private” continuing education classes for your groups – call 786-243-1060 to discuss arrangements.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is also authorized by the Department of Labor, to provide your staff with OSHA 10-hour, or, OSHA 30-hour trainings. All good safety programs begin with education and training. Are your staff all trained?

Call 786-243-1060 for more details.

All Courses are 14 Credit Hours and run according to price listed.

Minimum Enrollment is required for a class to take place.

Confirmation and the exact location will be emailed to you within 7 days of the course date.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation offers specific Florida construction CEU programs designed to make your construction company successful


CILB & Miami-Dade County approved!

14-hour & 16-hour programs

includes all credits for license renewal


Safety Training

Get your staff their 10-hour OSHA cards

Florida law requires successful completion of 14 CEU hours of CILB Board-approved construction continuing education courses every two years for both certified and registered contractors. At least 1 hour must deal with workplace safety, 1 hour on the subject of worker’s compensation, 1 hour on business practices, 1 hour on rules and laws and 1 hour on a Florida Advanced Building Code module and 1 hour of wind mitigation methodology for general, building, residential and roofing contractors, and 1 hour of pool electrical requirements for all pool licensed contractors.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation’s courses SATISFY the CILB 14-hour contractors continuing education requirements for registered and certified contractors and we REPORT all earned Florida continuing education credits to the state.

Registered contractors licensed through Miami Dade County are required to have two additional hours of construction continuing education. Contractors Education & Training Corporation has a 16-hour construction seminar approved by Miami Dade County and the extra two hours are about the Miami Dade County Code. Learn how to be in compliance with local law and avoid problems that so many unknowing licensees have had to deal with at a roadside checkpoint!

Florida contractor requirements make it necessary for you to take a construction continuing education class. Make your educational experience one worth your time. Our class is engaging, interesting and convenient!