Our History

Our instructor has had to attend continuing education courses since they were first required. The untold agony was heart wrenching! After several cycles of this madness, he took it upon himself to create and organize a curriculum that would satisfy the licensing authorities, so that the course would be approved, but MORE IMPORTANTLY fulfill the purpose of continuing education. The purpose is to keep contractors up to date on basic standards of laws and rules and their evolutionary changes. This is the only way a contractor can avoid the discipline of their licensing board – by KNOWING what is expected of him or her! We are PROUD that we have accomplished this in the finest fashion you will find anywhere in this state!

Our courses are top-knotch, first-rate, discussions that leave you feeling refreshed at the conclusion of the course. We present you with relevant information that matters to your bottom line.

We welcome you into our family of contractors who selected us and have been loyally returning since 2009 when we first began operation!