The use of legal forms and the study or practice of law, are important matters which should only be conducted under the advice of an attorney.

Our goal, at Contractors Education & Training Corporation, is to prompt you to develop a stronger will to both understand, and comply with, the law. Our classes are not designed, nor required, nor intended, to provide legal advice, but rather introduce you to specific Florida Statutes that are relevant to everyday construction business operation. In our program we have condensed or abbreviated many statutes for easier understanding; however, in no case shall this course be a guide upon which any student should rely for legal counsel. As for advice, we advise you to hire good quality professionals to guide you – but use the information you obtain in this class and booklet only for inspiration to do a better job of complying with the law and running a more efficient construction operation.

Pinellas Contractors

If you are a Pinellas County licensed contractor, then this message is for YOU!

If you are RETURNING, then WELCOME BACK! If this is your first time, then WELCOME!

Pinellas County requires 14 hours of contining education for their license renewals. Our approval by the State CILB board makes us an official provider for Pinellas County’s continuing education requirements.

Our course can be taken in a “LIVE” CLASS, or, if you prefer, ONLINE.

Our course is a dynamic, relevant and popular presentation that welcomes you into a discussion that last all day. Don’t spend two days, when you can spend one!

PLUS, our ONLINE course is a professionally produced, full HD film with animation, unmatched by any other provider you will find.

We look forward to serving your continuing education needs in a manner that NO OTHER PROVIDER is able!

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Broward Contractors

If you are a Broward licensed contractor, then this message is for YOU!

In the Spring of 2012 Broward County joined the list of counties requiring continuing education for their licensees.

At the end of this narrative, we will show you HOW you can save time and money by taking our course.

They require 4 hours – one on workplace safety, one on business practices, one on workers compensation and one on Broward County Chapter 9 Ordinances.

You can take all four hours with us, on our ONLINE program. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Before we tell you how to spend LESS time and SAVE money, first, we will like to inform you about how OUR online course is a professionally produced HD film with animation like NO OTHER continuing education provider offers.

That’s why you should choose us!

Here’s how you can save time and money.

If you also have a Miami Dade County license … then … you also need 16 hours to satisfy their requirement. If you take a “LIVE” CLASS with us, 3 of Broward’s 4 hours, will be included in the 16 that we will present in class. This way, you do NOT have to repeat the 4 hours and you do NOT have to pay for the full 4 hours – but rather only 1 of them – which would be the One Hour Broward Chapter 9 course.

We trust this helps you meet your licensing requirements.

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Miami-Dade Contractors

If you are a Miami Dade licensed contractor, THIS MESSAGE is for you!

As you may know, Miami Dade County requires you to take 16 hours. One of the subjects of those hours must be Chapter 10 ordinances.

Miami Dade County has RECENTLY approved for their licensees to take all their continuing education hours online. This means that you can now do your full 16 hours on the internet.

You may register for one of our “LIVE” CLASSES and attend our full day’s discussion where we help remind you of important things necessary for you to keep your license current, AND learn something while you’re at it … OR … you can take our ONLINE COURSE.

At this time, we currently have our 14-hour course approved by Miami Dade. By the beginning of the summer we should have the extra two hour course up also.

Don’t worry! We make continuing education INTERESTING! Having an instructor who was a past Board Member will be very helpful in getting you to be clear on important requirements of this code.

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Pinellas Contractors