What’s better? Being paid $100 per hour for 6 hours – or $50 per half hour for 360 minutes?

No difference, right?

Well, what’s better? Using leveling jacks with swivel base plates – or hunting for some plywood, a block and a piece of scrap 2×4 to prop up your scaffold leg?

Why do people do that? I was at a jobsite yesterday and I saw that very thing. For the cost of $80 the contractor could have provided his employee with proper base plates that can be adjusted to properly support that scaffold, but instead, the employee spent time hunting for scrap pieces of lumber to “jack” up his scaffold – which, by the way, is in serious violation of OSHA regulations, exposing the contractor to the possibility of a citation, plus fines – not to mention the risk of a major catastrophe with the scaffold shifting, and then the entire thing tipping like a falling tree!
Often times it takes LESS effort to comply than to “rig” something and expose yourself to all that risk.

Guys! Build your scaffolding correctly.

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