Are You In Violation of DBPR Rules and Florida Statutes?

Attention Florida licensed contractors!  Of all the sections we cover in our Florida construction continuing education course, Rules & Laws is one of the more important one.  We take a brief look at several statutes that govern how we, as contractors, must conduct our affairs.  We believe this is the prime reason the legislature has caused for continuing education seminars to be a construction contractor requirement or prerequisite for licensure in Florida.  We love looking at these items because they bring neater focus to all the actions we take in the business place.

So, having that in mind, we would like to “challenge” you to verify that you are in compliance with one important point of law.

Go to this LINK of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Enter you name, or license number and confirm your contact information and address!  If any part of this is incorrect, you are in violation.  The statute is clear!

Let’s look at this statute.

(2)  Each certificateholder or registrant of the department shall be solely responsible for notifying the department in writing of the certificateholder’s or registrant’s current mailing address and phone number. If the mailing address is not the certificateholder’s or registrant’s physical address, the certificateholder or registrant shall also supply the physical address.

(a)  A certificateholder’s or registrant’s failure to notify the department of a change of address or phone number shall constitute a violation of this section.

(b)  The certificateholder or registrant shall be responsible for retaining proof that the certificateholder or registrant has notified the department of the certificateholder’s or registrant’s current address of record.

(3)  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, service by regular mail to a certificateholder’s or registrant’s address of record shall constitute adequate and sufficient notice to the certificateholder or registrant for any official communication to the certificateholder or registrant by the board or the department, except when other service is required pursuant to the provisions of s. 455.224 or s. 455.225.

This statute is FL489.124(2).  You can find it on a list of links on our Useful Links tab.

Let’s look at this statute!  It basically says that YOU must maintain your address of record CORRECT!  If you fail to keep it correct, then, you are in violation of this statute!  Furthermore, you must maintain PROOF that you sent the department a correct address.  Plus, if it is NOT correct the department is not required to discover the correct address – they may simply continue to send you things by mail – IMPORTANT things included – and they will, by law, be considered to have sent you proper notification, even if they keep getting all these things back from the post office saying, FORWARDED, MOVED, VACANT…or whatever.

Are you in compliance?  Is your address correct?  It’s really easy to fix this!

Check your address to see it is right.  Many contractors in our continuing education courses find this point of law worrisome and check their information as soon as they can.  You should too.

Register for our continuing education classes for little, but potentially significant points of law and regulation that could truly cause a stir in your operation. CEU credits from a continuing education provider that cares about helping you with the little things is valuable – especially when some of the items presented are big, or when several small items add up to a tidy sum!  We are in the business of providing you with premium quality continuing education programming that is fun, entertaining, valuable and engaging.  Don’t bother trying to swallow 14 hours of material in one day!  That will only drive you to drink!  We are able to serve your needs in this department, very well, very conveniently and very economically.

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