Award Winning Instructor Is Here

In a past blog entry we re-introduced our instructor by way of his long-standing experience in the construction industry.  30+ years is a very long time working in construction, running his own corporation for 28+ years of that time – successfully too!  – That says something grand.  Many contractors disappear as fast as they appear.  Phil is sorry many of his clients (general contractors) are gone!  They didn’t last.  Many are NOT contracting today!

But this blog entry is about another aspect of our instructor, Phil Stam – and why you ought to pick him.  He is an award winning speaker and has been engaged in presenting to groups for 19 years now.  Learning how to connect with you, as his audience, and presenting material in an interesting and enthusiastic manner, makes the difference between boring and appealing.

When you come to our class you will see exactly what we are talking about.  When was the last time you had an award winning speaker lead your continuing education class.  Florida contractors have enough of a difficult job keeping things afloat nowadays.  The requirement to obtain construction continuing education classes may be tedious for you, but we make it valuable.  Every class we have presented so far has taught each student something BIG – that they didn’t know when they walked in.

Make sure you are next – to be able to say that about your continuing education class.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is about helping make your Florida construction business MORE successful.