Best Wind Mitigation Course

WIND MITIGATION is one small example of a topic in our continuing education courses, which is REQUIRED by the state, yet, doesn’t appy to all contractors in our course!

Roofers must know about this information -but not pool contractors.

Builders must know, but not A.C. contractors.

So how do we build value in this short presentation?

First, we have made the entire course a video production!  We dim the lights, and have a 50 minute video presentation showing what amounts to hundreds of hours of research near and far!  We have case studies of actual recent disasters that show how improved standards make a difference!  This can surely help influence the pool and A.C. contractors to consider this information for at least their OWN homes!

We also show new styles of improved standards that are low cost and very useful in more ways that just wind mitigation.  This too has inspired many non-building contractors to ask questions and muse over this new information!

Plus!  It’s a MOVIE!

I wonder if next time we should distribute popcorn as a snack!?

ContractorETC is about helping make continuing education valuable for you!  We are about making continuing education classes easy, fun and interesting!  Have you seen a high quality movie for your continuing education ever?  All we have ever seen the other providers do it slip in 30 second clips of irrelevant jokers or … if it does apply, it’s low quality film production.

Ours is in HD!

ContractorETC is about helping make you MORE successful in your business.  Give us a try!