Collecting Money

Collecting on your contracts is probably the most important financial goal you have.  How’s it going?  In today’s economy money is tight.  We read in the headings nowadays that credit card companies are cancelling accounts and tightening constraints.  Owners are likely to do the same thing and this means that a slowdown in collecting payments for services performed will relax.  I hate that.  It makes cash flow in the construction business we operate poor.  This complicates future work.

Here’s a tip.  Always stay on top of each of your projects.  It is a business decision whether you will “Notice” a job – but in this day you may wish to re-look your platform on that matter.  If you miss the 45 day deadline you are really and truly without lien rights.  Can you still lien a job?  Sure!  But you are most likely to be turned out of the courthouse on your ear.  I would hate that too.

We trust that all of you who peruse this blog have learned all these matters in previous continuing education classes.  When you come to our class, we hope this information is a “review”.  At least that is what it should be.  However, many new contractors are starting their companies now.  We see all the new lists put out by the state.  Some are so new they are exempt from continuing education requirements.  Do you hate that?  Don’t worry!  They will have their time just like you did.

Stay on top of your receivables.  It’s the only way to positively impact your cash flow.

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