November 15, 2015 is the closing date for grandfathering your county registered license.  If your license is of the category of scope that qualifies for this excellent benefit, you have less than 2 weeks to get your application in to the state.

We have made it a point to serve the needs of contractors in our class who want to grandfather their license, by offering this service and doing a very good job of it!  Several contractors have hired us to assist them in putting their best foot forward, and to navigate the piles of paperwork necessary to present a decent application in front of the CILB board.

That is what we do in our construction continuing education class!  We help contractors!  We show them important items of knowledge, that matter to their business!  .. and we make ourselves available to assist throughout the years as any questions they may have also need servicing!

We are happy to have been of service to many of our fellow construction license holders.

If you need grandfathering assistance, we recommend you phone our office immediately.  Time is passing.  Without having the time needed to complete your background checks and other necessary items you don’t have a chance to make the November 15 deadline!

Our office number is:  786.243.1060

ContractorETC is about helping make your construction business MORE successful.