Hazard Communication

I heard a terrible story in a training class years ago.

It was a typical hot Florida day and the men were drinking like they should be.  That’s the good news.  The bad news was that one guy was working to clean the adhesives from newly installed glazing.  He was using acetone for that.  A big jug is heavy and hard to manage, so he put a half pint in …. you guessed it … a Gatorade bottle.  His buddy didn’t notice which bottle was which.

Have you ever scorched your esophagus?

This is a problem that needn’t ever have happened.  Do you watch your workers to see that they label all their containers?  It doesn’t take hardly ANY time, right?

Train your workers in the safe usage of hazardous and dangerous chemicals and substances.  THIS is called Hazard Communication and it is the second most cited violation in the Unitded States.  We are introducing it into our course for the first time, now.

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