HR for Contractors

During the last two construction license renewal cycles in Florida, we covered some new information about Human Resources.  We have not noticed ANY other continuing education class providers bringing this valuable, and necessary information to any of the people in their classes.

This puts up atop the list in terms of RELEVANCE to, and INTEREST in, you!

If you have 15 or more employees, you are subject to all the discrimination and harassment laws as outlined in the ADA and FMLA.  If you work in Miami Dade County, REGARDLESS of where you are licensed (state or any other county) you are subject to Miami Dade’s mini-ADA laws where you have 5 or more employees.

We plan to ramp UP this important aspect of employee management for the 2016 cycle!

We have some NEW information for our 2016 classes that is SO BASIC you are sure to be wondering WHY every other provider is not including it.  The landscape is changing.  Every month we hear new decrees from courts or the White House or other enforcement agencies and you have GOT to stay on top!

You can’t afford one slip-up!

Our construction license renewal courses satisfy all requirements of the State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board, and all counties in Florida too!

Our aim is to help you be MORE successful in your business!  We back that up by solid information and activities in our class, unlike any other provider!

Whether ONLINE or LIVE, we’ve got you covered!