Is It Airtight?

Are you good at sealing up houses, tight as a drum?

We’ve talked about green building recently. Seeing as how in summer in Florida the heat is always trying to invade air conditioned spaces, maybe we should take a look at keeping the heat out and the cool air inside.

Here’s an interesting fact.  If there is a sliver of a gap around a living room size window – say … 1/16″ or even less……when you add up the lineal footage, it can easily total a full square inch of space.  Caulking shrinks or shrivels with age.  Old windows are now well fastened and can wiggle sometimes when the window is opened and closed.  There are a variety of reasons why a gap could appear.

But what happens later?

Think about a full square inch of space.  That’s around the size of a garden hose.  So, in hurricane force conditions, that gap around the window could act the same as a full speed garden hose squirting water into the house.

If you are a homeowner, has this way of presenting this idea convinced you to check your windows to see if they are “tight as a drum”?  If you are a contractor, do you think this way of presenting this condition could translate into you selling any window upgrade work?

Keeping windows sealed well, keeps out the water in a driving wind storm, and it also keeps the A.C. inside.  Check your windows and those of your clients and see what you find.

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