License status

Many contractors taking continuing education in Florida are not clear about the options of license status in this state.

When you pay all your license fees and maintain all the things you must maintain, your license is “active” and you may engage in contracting.  Everybody “gets” that.  But how about if you want to take a break, or put things on “hold” for a while?

First, you can only, really, choose to do this at license renewal time.  You can’t do it in the middle of a license period.  The board won’t switch you in the middle of the period.  So, come this August 31st, if you choose to become inactive, you must “renew” your status as inactive.  If you do nothing, the license does NOT automatically become “inactive”.  In that case, it would automatically become “delinquent”.  If you carry on like that for an entire license period, then, your license would be lost and you would have to renew, all over again, as a new applicant.

Solid continuing education can help you understand this.  To change status to “inactive” requires board approval, as they want to make sure that you haven’t left open permits, violations or investigations, on the table.

So, back to the beginning.  Whether you want to be inactive or active, you must renew at renewal time.  You must also comply with continuing education requirements regardless of your selection at that time.

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