OSHA Requires Annual REPORTING of Logs

GREETINGS fellow contractors!

OSHA has finally announced that their website is “working” and “ready” to accept OSHA logs.

Beginning this year, every employer with more than 20 employees is required to SUBMIT their completed OSHA Summary Form 300A, to OSHA.  This means you must have the form completed properly, and SEND IT to OSHA for them to have their copy.

If you have 250 employees or more, you must also send your Form 300 LOG and all Form 301 Incident Reports.

Is this OSHA taking a stab at focusing on the “least” safe among us?  Well, we can’t know … but … if you … AT ANY TIME, have had 20 or more employees last year, you better have the logs done, and ready to UPLOAD to OSHA on their new website.

The website is:  https://www.osha.gov/injuryreporting/ita/

They have instructions there about how you can CREATE an ACCOUNT with them, Or you can do it by clicking HERE.

Good luck with your safety program, guys!

We trust that our continuing education courses have prompted you to have a heightened awareness and attentiveness of safety matters.

Phil Stam