POOL requirement changes, again …


Last year, the CILB “changed” your continuing education requirements (F.A.C. 61G4-18.001).

CLICK HERE to see their new rule. Click on the Notice Adopted on July 19, 2017.

They told us that this new requirement would go into effect for the 2018 cycle.

We relayed this new information to YOU!

Just a couple weeks ago now, they “changed” their minds, again.

Now, they say that they won’t ENFORCE the new requirement until the 2019 renewal cycle.

Therefore, while we are AHEAD of the game, NO LONGER is the new continuing education requirement necessary for you, in 2018.

Regardless, both our regular Construction 14 Hour Course, and our Pool 14 Hour Course, are both good for any CILB-issued license.

It has been upsetting for us that the CILB changed the rules abruptly, and then changed them … again … but no matter, we are in compliance either way!

We believe in each case, our course will exceed your expectations and look forward to including you in our program!